Cross-Terrain Crossovers: The 9 Best Hybrid Bikes

Marin Fairfax SC1

There’s only two tiny holes in the bombproof SC1. The first is that it’s going to be tough to find, since it’s popular and Marin didn’t make nearly enough to meet the demand. By the time you track one down, it’s possible some upstart will have knocked it from its throne. The other minor complaint is that it lacks disc brakes, which means relying entirely on rim brakes, but those are good enough for most hybrid riders, so long as you avoid most wet or muddy conditions. Beyond that, it has a light aluminum frame that employs a steel fork for a mix of comfortable riding and minimum weight, giving it quick movement that feels good. It also does a nice job of climbing hills, using a forgiving low gear that’s kind to those of us who ride lazy. Purchase: $489

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