Top 10 beaches in the world

8. Playa del Amor (Hidden Beach), Mexico

An ideal beach for those seeking seclusion, thrill, and mystery, the Playa del Amor, nicknamed the “Hidden Beach” in Mexico is the place to be. The beach is a feature of the Marieta Islands at the mouth of the Banderas Bay. According to visitors, the beach looks like it is part of some fantasy novel with its white sandy cavern washed by the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The island on which the Playa del Amor is located is part of an archipelago that was created by the sediments deposited by the eruption of an underwater volcano. Some believe that the hole in the rock that led to the formation of the Hidden Beach was created by episodes of deliberate bombings during military testings sanctioned by the Mexican government. The Hidden Beach is invisible to those viewing it from the outside and can only be accessed via a long water tunnel from the Pacific Ocean to the beach. Only 6 feet of space on the beach is above water level, and tourists usually arrive on the beach by kayaking or swimming.

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