Top 10 most expensive cat breeds in the world

9. Egyptian Mau

Next on our list of expensive cat breeds is the Egyptian Mau. It is a small to medium sized cat that is known for its natural spots. Another breed that has this characteristic is the Bahraini Dilmun Cat. What makes the Egyptian Mau’s spots unique is the fact that it only appears on the tip of the coat. The Egyptian Mau was originated in 1952.
There are claims that the Egyptian Mau originated from Egypt. On the other hand, DNA shows otherwise. According to genetic testing, it came from North American and European origins. It is also believed that the Egyptian Mau is among the origins of the modern domestic cat. There are some notable differences to the physical attributes of the Egyptian Mau to other cats out there. Among the most noticeable are the shorter front legs.
How do you recognize the Egyptian Mau? It has a long, dark dorsal stripe from head to the tail of the spine. As for the temperament of this particular cat, you can expect the Egyptian Mau to be friendly and loyal, perfect for those with kids.

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